Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Google Watch : Microsoft, Yahoo Take A Swipe At Google

~~The web wars are not over yet. I do not think Google will last as #1 in search for more than a decade.

And it still might be a new guy yet unseen.
[ Though personally I find YAHOO! to be a better overall search engine currently.]

Mircosoft / MSN.com , Yahoo.com , Excite.com , Ask.com, Myway.com & etc ,
are most certainly here to stay, but they do not seemed poised to dethrone Google in adv. sales $$.

Somewhere there is some geek or geek team aiming to dethrone Google, just as Google dethroned Yahoo.

Also Gmail is the cat's meow of email now,
being by far he best once you get used to it

~~` TP .

Google Watch : Microsoft, Yahoo Take A Swipe At Google: "'It is pretty clear Google is whining and complaining about something it does itself with Firefox,' he wrote on his blog. 'Remember, Google hired the founders and leaders of Firefox and pays money to Mozilla. So Google heavily influences what happens in both browsers.'"