Sunday, May 28, 2006

ABC News: Murtha: New Scandal Worse Than Abu Ghraib

~~ More bad news for Global opinion polls on

the American led war in Iraq.

I really think that no good

can come out

of these events.

Except for Justice. ~~~ TP


ABC News: Murtha: New Scandal Worse Than Abu Ghraib:
"Rep. Murtha Says Fallout From Killing of Iraqi Civilians Will Turn
Out Worse Than Prison Scandal


WASHINGTON May 28, 2006 (AP)

"This image taken from a videotape made by a Haditha, Iraq journalism student and obtained by Time Magazine via the Hammurabi Human Rights Group, shows a scene in what appears to be a morgue following an alleged fatal raid by United States forces which took place on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2005, in Haditha, Iraq.

"The U.S. military is bracing for a major scandal over the alleged killing of Iraqi civilians in Haditha - charges so serious that they could threaten President Bush's effort to rally support for an increasingly unpopular war. "

WASHINGTON May 28, 2006 (AP)