Monday, May 15, 2006

California's 2006 Candidates for governor reach out by Web, iPod

~~~ For over a decade many technopolitical folks have been heralding how the Internet
and digital / wirelesss things will change politics.

I , as I write about out here, dissagree with that vision.

All politics is local.
Face to face human interaction will always be the core of

of political activity. Which is why close elections are won and lost by field organization, and always will be.

How well can you get out the vote on election day is what the game is all about. Seniors , low-income folks, and many on the religious-right, do not use the internet as much as other voters-- yet . These voting groups can only be reached by old -fashioned local field work. Knocking on doors, holding rallies , and working the bus & subway stops.
~~~ TP

Article: News - Candidates for governor reach out by Web, iPod:

The Orange County Register

"Welcome to California's 2006 gubernatorial race, where winning traditional grass-roots support is more about bandwidth than shoe leather. Campaigns are following the example of Howard Dean, a littleknown former Vermont governor who used a network of Internet-connected supporters to leap onto the national stage in the 2004 presidential race".

"California's gubernatorial candidates hope the same Web-based techniques will make their campaigns more accessible and supporters feel vested. With new campaign contribution limits and skyrocketing costs of TV advertising hampering campaigns, the Internet has become a vital tool to boost contenders' visibility, especially among the grass roots, experts say."