Friday, January 06, 2006

The Final War ! Yahoo vs. Goggle . They are going Going Mobile !!

Yes it is the ratings battle between Yahoo! and Google 2006 .
They are the ones playing for the World Series of wireless & cyberspace.
[ And all the money it will make. ]

Yeah , there are Amazons, and
E-Bayers skirmishing around them. But for the first part
of this century, Google & Yahoo are a part of life on the
internet. Everyone goes there sometimes.

Will Google now
also rule the wireless world? Or maybe Yahoo -- who I think
is a better search engine~ will finally beat Google, and win the Wireless World Series.

Probably not.
Gmail beats Y-mail in my book for utility.
I go with Google to do it again in wireless. We will see.

`` TP

Yahoo, Google Going Mobile,

David A. Utter ,

Staff Writer ,

Published: 2006-01-06 , :

"Both Internet players have new products ready to roll for mobile devices, with Google making another mobile-centric deal while Yahoo debuts its Go service.

The Consumer Electronics Show became a mobile Internet playground, as Google and Yahoo made announcements that will broaden the presence of their brands on mobile handsets."