Friday, August 19, 2005

Radio Free America

~~ Video did not Kill the Radio Star,, big biz like Clear Channel did though.
BUT community-based radio stations hold out hope for making radio relevant again. ~~~
~~ technopolitical ~

"American Prospect Online - ViewWeb
Radio Free America Low-power radio stations may not have Clear Channel’s candlepower, but what they lack in wattage they make up in commitment"

"From the beginning, independent, community-based radio stations picked up on the campaign and used the air to organize support for the boycott. And in December 2003, the Prometheus Radio Project -- a small, nonprofit made up of former radio-pirates-turned-media-advocates -- organized a band of volunteers to travel to Immokalee, Florida, for a weekend to help the workers set up their own low-power radio station, WCIW. Since then, says Ramirez, the station, which broadcasts in multiple languages, has helped to unite and organize the diverse group of workers and has provided a platform for reaching out to political allies across the country."