Thursday, August 25, 2005

Clarence C. Newcomer, a Longtime Federal Judge, Dies at 82 - New York Times

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Clarence C. Newcomer, a Longtime Federal Judge, Dies at 82 - New York Times:

"Judge Newcomer presided over a fiercely contested trial in which the City of Philadelphia was found liable this year for $12.8 million in damages to residents forced from their homes by a 1985 fire touched off when the police dropped a bomb on a house occupied by the radical group MOVE.

But that was hardly the first of his cases to draw vast attention in eastern Pennsylvania, and sometimes beyond.

In 1974, he stripped William Stinson of a seat in the Pennsylvania Senate because of evidence that Mr. Stinson had stolen votes, and declared Bruce Marks the winner, tipping control of the Senate to Republicans.

In 1975, he ordered girls admitted to Central High School in Philadelphia. That order was reversed on appeal, though girls were ultimately admitted to the school in 1983.

In 1980, he ended Topps Chewing Gum's exclusive right to sell baseball cards, allowing the Fleer Corporation to compete in that lucrative market.
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In 1993, he ruled that a law firm's refusal to promote a female associate to partner violated civil rights law, and in 1997 determined that states could not discriminate against new residents by paying them lower welfare benefits than longtime residents."