Tuesday, November 22, 2005

- 'Industrial' hemp support takes root"

 was a staple of most all economies till just a few hundred years ago. { Ever wonder where "Hempstead", Long Island got it's name from ??}

TO ban hemp farming today is a crime against the environment AND small farmers. Hemp is a low maintenance crop that is cheap and easy to grow. As well , hemp fibers are the strongest of natural fibers. {Remember the Military’s "Hemp for Victory" in WW II ? }
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~~~ Industrial Hemp will again be legal crop one day. It is too good of a renewable natural
resource to be used for Food , Fuel, and Fiber to be left undeveloped.
Time will come.
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USATODAY.com - 'Industrial' hemp support takes root: "Led by Monson, North Dakota's Legislature has passed laws to make hemp farming legal — if the U.S. government ever allows it. The laws would require hemp growers to undergo criminal background checks and agree to subject their plants to tests for THC.

Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Montana and West Virginia also have passed hemp-farming bills. U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, introduced such a bill in Congress in June, but it hasn't advanced in the face of opposition by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the White House's anti-drug office.

The DEA says allowing farmers to grow hemp in the USA would undermine the war on drugs. It says marijuana growers would be able to camouflage their crop with similar-looking hemp plants, and that DEA agents would have difficulty quickly telling the difference.

'Let's not be naïve,' says Tom Riley of the White House Office on National Drug Control Policy. 'The pro-dope people have been pushing hemp for 20 years because they know that if they can have hemp fields, then they can have marijuana fields. It's ... stoner logic.'

Monson says he and his supporters don't intend to grow illegal drugs. 'We have answers for all the (DEA's) concerns.'"