Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Joseph Lieberman Beats the Internet Activists. Senator more powerful than ever!

~~` Back after the Connecticut Democratic primary this year , the world -- or at least the press -- proclaimed "Internet, activists help topple prominent US Democrat".
Well at the time , I was not impressed . And now we have , once "Democratic" Sen. Joseph Lieberman,
as now INDEPENDENT Sen. Joseph Lieberman.
With just a one vote Majority in the senate the Democrats will have to quake every time Lieberman speaks his mind. Lieberman is now more powerful then ever, thanks to the Internet !?!?
If Internet "activist" are going to proclaim victories, they are also going to have to accept the lessons of this big defeat.
The lesson is , while the Internet is a great "tool" for political organizing, it is still only one "tool" among many, and alone it cannot win for you.