Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Internet, activists help topple prominent US Democrat

~~` Lieberman would have lost w/o the internet ,, just like when Lieberman defeated Lowell Wicker to first enter the Senate in 1988 .
Please do not confuse the medium for the message. Unpopular incumbents loose primaries , because they lost the support of the core that first elected them. The internet reflected public sentiment that was already there, the internet did not create it. Plus Lamont had big $$$ , that helps more !!
"Internet, activists help topple prominent US Democrat"
By Patricia Wilson
WASHINGTON, Aug 9 (Reuters) - "Fueled by opposition to the Iraq war and anger at U.S. President George W. Bush, liberal grass-roots and Internet activists on Wednesday claimed their most significant political victory -- the defeat of Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

The three-term senator from Connecticut was repudiated on Tuesday by voters from his own party who chose Ned Lamont -- a relative unknown with a fierce anti-war message -- to represent Democrats in the November election.

"The winner is people-powered politics," declared the Daily Kos Web site, a sentiment that echoed throughout the liberal blogosphere.
Lamont, a millionaire businessman who has never held state or federal office, had almost zero name recognition and very little political experience when he entered the race."