Monday, March 20, 2006

Introducing Mr. McDean? - Los Angeles Times

~~~Sen. Russ Fiengold is trying to become the next internet sensation. Can he succeed where Howard Dean failed? In the end I think that grassroots door-to-door canvassing , handshake rallies, and a good core activist base is what is needed to win elections.
Remember , in the end all politics are local !
The Internet can help, but good field organization is what gets the vote out. ~~~ TP

Introducing Mr. McDean? - Los Angeles Times: "
"Feingold clearly is courting the Dean vote as he positions himself to the left of other Democratic presidential hopefuls. He is reaching out to the Internet-savvy, airing video podcasts on the website for his political action committee and holding an online 'listening session.'

'Howard Dean was one of the first people who recognized the power of the Internet as a [political] organizing tool, and absolutely we are picking up that mantle and using those tools,' said George Aldrich, spokesman for Feingold's PAC."