Thursday, February 02, 2006

" A Gated Internet"

~~ Some major telcoms are pushing for a "tiered" internet , were website owners would pay extra to their web hosters to get their sites "favored" and easier to download .

As well some internet service providers {ISPs} also want to narrow the browsing freedom of Netizens, by charging more to surf beyond their Portal { and their paying partners ] at high speed.

In other words Verizon could give you broadband speeds for Verizon sites ,, but only dial-up speeds for the rest of the web.

This tiering will kill the internet. An issue worth hand-writing [-- not emailing, 'cause emails are useless as a lobbying tool --] your Congressperson about !! ~

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"A Gated Internet?"
Anush Yegyazarian, PC World
Thursday, February 02, 2006"

"The companies who build and control the Internet's pipes want to control the content over those pipes, too."

"A number of telephone companies such as SBC/AT&T, Verizon and others have begun talking about offering a new prioritization service to Internet businesses.

The general concept is simple: Pay the ISP some extra money, and the data packets to and from your Web site get priority. Your users will get the information they want faster, or perhaps they will enjoy a smoother online gaming experience, or they'll be able to make their purchases more quickly. Whichever the case, what business wouldn't want to deliver a better online experience to its customers?

Consumer advocacy groups Consumer Federation of America, the Consumers Union, and Free Press recently released results from a survey that indicates Americans want their Internet to remain neutral. These groups are lobbying Congress to incorporate network neutrality into law, while telecom firms are lobbying hard to prevent it.",aid,124558,00.asp