Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"The Council for Excellence in Government works to improve the performance of government at all levels; and government's place in the lives and esteem


--To promote e-government as a revolutionary tool for improving performance and better connecting people to government; and

--To improve the connection between citizens and government and encourage their participation in governance.

The Council is supported by members (called Principals)---

private sector and nonprofit leaders who have served in

government and are united by a strong, sustaining

commitment to Council objectives-

--and by project grants and

other funding from government agencies, corporations and

foundations. [ Zzzzzzzzz, worst sentance ever. ~` tp}

Former Presidents Carter, Ford, Bush and

Clinton are honorary chairs of the Council.

~~~ Sound like a bunch of young idealiastic kids to me . They'll learn. ~` ` ` ` t p