Tuesday, July 13, 2004

"Impact of the Beatles was so strong that it started a religious cult

: "'Russian defence minister Sergei Ivanov, who suggests in all seriousness that the impact of the Beatles was so strong that it started a religious cult and helped bring down the Iron Curtain'

THE Russian defence minister, bought all the Beatles' LPs in 1984. Speaking before Sir Paul's concert in Red Square last year, he said:

'The Beatles had started a whole, huge movement in the Soviet Union which involved not thousands,not even hundreds of thousands, but millions of young people who became, as Communist publicists have said, inner immigrants.

'They still lived in the Soviet Union with their bodies, but mentally and spiritually, they were somewhere else. There was no bloodshed, no civil war, no revolution, no nothing. The country was already ready for the disappearance of Communism.

'One of the main reasons for that was that the Beatles had prepared a huge part of the country's population for these new, free values.'


The real story of the Beatles

Jul 13 2004

by David Charters, Daily Post