Friday, July 19, 2002

Cyber-Politics (or Cyberpolitics)

Cyber-Politics (or Cyberpolitics).

Cyber-Politics covers the realm of the Internet as an issue lobbying, electoral campaigning or political fundraising tool, making it a sub-discipline of Techno-Politics.

From major corporations to local community groups and from left-wing anti-globalization anarchists to right wing neo-nazis, the Internet is being used as a part of an overall organizing and information dissemination strategy. A Cyber-citizen (or Netizen /Net-izen) is anyone who goes online.

A Cyber-Activist (or e-activist / net-activist [i]) is someone who takes political action via the Internet either through cyber-lobbying or cyber-electioneering.[ii]


[i] See note 4 on why I choose "cyber".

[ii] There is also commonly used; e-advocate, e-activist and e-lobbying but as noted before endnote 4, I believe cyber to be more accurate when talking about purely Internet activity.

[iv] Some would argue E-Electioneering or E-lobbying. I believe “Cyber” to be more accurate than “e” / “electronic” in talking about Internet activity. Telephones and fax machines are also electronic. Cyber-Space is the Internet. A Cyber-Activist may never use any other medium.