Friday, March 13, 2009

E-government and E-governance. definition of terms

E-government and E-governance.
There is some disagreement as to the definition of terms E-government and E-governance.
** I have resolved the dispute over the definitions as follows:

Electronic-Government is how a government sets up any Internet infrastructure and then uses that infrastructure to provide services * and information to citizens, alien residents and even tourists.

Electronic-Governance is how a government uses the Internet in expressing political power over its citizens and other people within its borders.

Cyber-Law-Enforcement , anti-terrorist measures and the regulation of Internet access in public libraries, are the current E-Governance issues under debate in many if not all democracies. In most dictatorships, E-governance is how a government may censor or restrict the dissemination of political viewpoints, news and organizing information over the Internet and other communication technologies.
note: *
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